Bibliography of JAMAL AKRAMI Works 

 Novel for Teens

 The Red Island Lost

Publisher: Vijeh Nashr Publications, 2022

Genre: Realistic

Salim is an inquisitive and adventurous boy. Mahtav is a courageous teenage girl who loves him.

Salim and his close friend, Abdi, spend their days studying and fishing in Hormoz Island, an island in the Strait of Hormoz in Persian Gulf. Salim is enchanted by Bibi Kaniz’s narrations, the woman who has adopted Salim since childhood.

 Bibi Kaniz tells Salim stories about legendary creatures. She talks about the mystery of Salim’s father getting lost in the sea and the death of his mother.

 Salim and Abdi save a stranger from the sea whose being on the island is a best-kept secret.

 Salim who is forever-companion of Khaloo Mossayeb in finding the cargoes brought by water from the sunk ships is censured by Bibi. She is furious at him.

 One of the cargoes is the painting of a mermaid. Salim and Mahtav take the painting to Jerry Pollack's house to sell, a painter from Czech who loves to live in the island.

 On seeing his painting in their hands, Jerry Pollack is trying to find the track of the antiques stolen from his house, the job he puts on Salim and Mahtav.

   Following some island girls disappeared, the rumor of the appearance of a mermaid spreads on the island.

 In search of the mermaid, Salim and Abdi come across a dead girl at the bottom of the sea. They try to discover the secret of the girl’s death. While investigating the sea, they reach a cave believed to be spelled.

 Encountering two men who have hidden something in the cave, Salim and Abdi run away and tell the story to some friends older than them; some friends who are trying to find out about the secret of the girl’s death themselves.

 Seeking the reality, Salim and his friends, Ghader and Teymour, end up at a mill apparently digging the red soil of the island and sending it to southern countries located in Persian Golf.

 Following certain happenings, they discover the relationship among trafficking the red soil, the storage of the spelled cave, and island girls getting lost. Happenings in which the stranger Salim and Abdi saved are involved.

 After the endeavors of drug traffickers are revealed, the best-kept secrets are disclosed. At the end, Salim travels to Khasib, a city on the southern edge of the Persian Gulf after he finds some tracks of his lost father.

 Key Words: Hormoz Island, mermaid, Jerry Pollack, Red Soil, Folk Beliefs 


   Me, Her, and Sunflowers

Publisher: Mehrab Ghalam, 2024,(forthcoming)

Genre: Realistic

 Saeed is a diligent adolescent studying on the first year of junior high school. He accepts to be friends with the bad boy and lazy student of the class, Akhgari. After Akhgari is punished physically by the strict assistant, he escapes the school. To protest Akhgari physical punishment and being fired out of the school, students go on a strike.

 Mr. Afshar’s objection, the literature teacher, along with other teachers’ against the school assistant being strict replaces the students’ strike. The principal who is siding the assistant inevitably sends him on a long leave.

 On the assistant departing, the school takes up a new atmosphere and mood.

 Akhgari gets back to school with the help of other students.

 With the support of Mr Afshar, the art teacher, and some other teachers, students manage to set up the school library, journalism group, theater group, science laboratory, and profession and technique workshop.

 Sports competitions and art exhibitions come to live; art and entertainment camping bring great enthusiasm to students.

 After “After Twenty Years”, a play by O Henry is performed before students’ parents in the school hall, Akhgari who suffers from epilepsy is acting one of the key roles. On sighting the assistant among the audience, he starts having an epilepsy attack, faints on the stage and is taken to the hospital.

 To look after Akhgari, Saeed goes to the hospital and then to their house.  There, he encounters the Akhgari family’s poor life, the captivity of the older brother of the family in the war and that the father of the family who sells the vacuum cleaner to buy drugs, the thing that Khorshid, Akhgari’s teenage sister, strongly resists.

 With the return of the assistant to the school, with the principal’s support and with the excuse of wars escalating and bringing the conditions of the school to an order, all the extracurricular activities are called off. And that is done by the assistant who is still keeping a close eye on Akhgari.

 Mr Afshar reads “Island of Treasure” which causes Akhgari to share the secret of the treasure hidden in the basement of their house with the children.

 Saeed and Akhgari with two students go to the basement in search of the treasure and take a little chest out of the soil.

 There is nothing in the chest but some forbidden books; books that belong to the first child of the family; the one who has disappeared before the revolution.

 This happening entails a friendship between Saeed and Khorshid and their later meetings although is winds up in Akhgari being fired out of school again.

 By saving a gypsy girl out of the pool in a park, Akhgari who is spending his days there after being fired out of school, is selected as a hero by the municipality of the area and victoriously gets back to school, when the assistant is fired out for ever by resistance of teachers and students.


  Me and the Dragon of the Silk Fort

Publisher: Kanoon Parvaresh Fekri Koudakan Va Nojavanan (Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults), (forthcoming)

 Genre: Fantasy

Golbou is an adolescent girl who is looking after her younger brother, Hamoun suffering from asthma. Golbou’s hobby is reading books and Hamoun’s is making the puzzle of a fort.

 After being wounded in the front, their father came back home with behavioral disorder. He wants to divorce their mother and take care of the children himself. With Golbou being punished because of having a boyfriend, Hamoun and Golbou are driven to the basement, where they die in the middle of reading “The Dragon of the Silk Fort” under the debris by the bombing of the enemy’s planes.

 After death, Golbou and Hamoun have made their way to an unknown land called Gilana where they are supposed to continue the rest of the unfinished adventures of their novel in the form of Farkhondeh and Bostour, the characters of “The Dragon of Silk Fort”.

 They end up in an old couple's home called “Mah Taban (Shining Moon)” and “Khorsheed Roshan (Bright Sun)” in a land ruled by the king of Galika.

 After some happenings, Hamoun is kidnapped by the ruler’s soldiers to use his tiny fingers for weaving a thousand-knot carpet for the king and the queen.

 Golbou sets out to look for her brother. When she reaches Golbaf and sights the Mountain Oak, which is a sea snail hunter, she comes across an ancient book: “The Dragon of the Silk Fort”! A book that Golbou can only make the head or tail of its title.

 Mountain Oak believes Golbou is a selected being and the book would be readable for all when the dragon is killed; and that the king and the dragon destruction depends on Golbou continuing her trip.

 On keeping on her trip and after getting freed out of the clutch of a tribe called Anania that first condemned her to death, then later forgave her believing after death they turn into butterflies, Golbou finally reaches Green Rock Mountain where the youngsters opposing the king have unified. They take Golbou to the Silver Silk City through a secret path. The king, the queen, and the dragon live in this city. A dragon in Karaman Fort. A dragon grown out of silk worm. Galica King has reared it and used to kill “Dawn”, the previous kind and people-friendly king.

 Finally, with the help of Night Bird, a lady mourning the death of her husband killed by the dragon, and her father who is one of the guards at the fort, Golbou manages to get into the dragon’s fort.

 Hamoun is forced to work in a blacksmith's shop in the dragon fort for refusing to weave a thousand-knot silk carpet for the king.

 Finally, After some adventures Golbou encounters with Hamoun and dragon. Dragon Kneels against Golbou Supposed that She is the queen because both of them are red hair. Hamoun and his friends pour the melted lead into the dragon’s mouth instead of food and kill him.

 With the death of the dragon and the collapse of the roof of the fort, sibling die again and return to their motherland in the form of two butterflies, where they watch the life of the mother from behind the glass of the grandfather's window every day.


  Good Night, Torna

Publisher: Kanoon Parvaresh Fekri Koudakan Va Nojavanan (Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults), 2016 

Genre: Realistic

 In this book, we face a sister and brother who have migrated to Canada at their father’s invitation. The father’s refraining from inviting their mother to that country forms a serious challenge in the two adolescents’ life.

 A novel in which the two heroes of the novel are experiencing the hardships of the lives of children of labor, children of divorce, children of immigration, and sick children simultaneously. Coincidentally, they have not forgotten to join their mother and restoring family hearth.

 (Book listed in White Raven and Munich Library- 2018, Book selected by Blue Bird Festival: Hand-written section, Nominee of Ershad, Shahid Ghnipour, Roshd Festival Book of the year, 2018)


  Anahid, the Queen of Shadows

Publisher: Mehrab Ghalam, 2015

Genre: Historical

 Shapour, the son of the Sassanid king Ardeshir, falls in love with Anahid, the daughter of Mehrak, a sworn enemy of Ardeshir. Their secret marriage enrages Ardeshir.

 On the other hand, Shapour's acquaintance with Malekeh, the daughter of King Hatra complicates his marital life. Anahid seeks comfort in solitude and hides her sorrows.

 Due to their fondness for Many the prophet, Anahid and Shapour are subjected to the conspiracy of Kertir, the head of Zoroastrian priests; as a result, their situation gets worse. Finally, Anahid who has sought her comfort in solitude abandons Shapour. Reviewing the past events, Shapour moves Kertir the priest out of his way and…


   The Stranger and the Sea

Publisher: Kanoon Parvaresh Fekri Koodakan Va Nojavanan (Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults), 2015

Genre: Realistic

 DorMohamad, a teenage boy whose mother has passed away and whose father has left him lives on a broken dhow by Pozm Bay (near Chabahar city).

 Someday DorMohamad rescues a stranger who is drowning in the sea and in the course of time, they form a close friendship. After a while, DorMohamad finds out that the stranger is looking for a valuable casket fallen into the sea from a sinking dhow.

 On the other hand, DorMohamad is in love with a girl named Dorna, whom the stranger helps to protect from a peril.


  Return of Professor Zalzalak

 Publisher: Kanoon Parvaresh Fekri Koudakan Va Nojavanan (Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults), 2010

 Genre: Fantasy

 Mana is a teenage girl who watches out her grandfather, Prof. Zalzalak inventing a new machine. He has a dispute with Prof. Makan, a cheater.

 Prof. Zalzalak goes to a cave named "KalmaKareh" in Ilam and he doesn't know that Mana and her parrot, Captain are secretly following him.

 The story begins when Prof. Zalzalak and his company get stuck in the cave.


 The Patchwork

 Publisher: Peydayesh, 2006

 Genre: Realistic

 Reyhaneh has to immigrate to Tehran with her family and leave her most beloved grandmother behind due to the bankruptcy of her father. Her grandmother gives her a patchwork which reminds Reyhaneh of the good old days with her grandmother.

 Reyhaneh makes friends with a lonely girl at school. The rest of the novel is about her friendship with this classmate and the adventures of her father with creditors. In the end, Reyhaneh can reunite with her grandmother and …


Novel for Pre-Teenagers:

  If I Knew Swan’s Other Name is Hope

Publisher: Mehrab Ghalam, 2023

Illustrator: Naghmeh Eijegizadeh

Genre: Realistic

 Roja is a teenage girl who lives in a village in the North of Iran, on the coast of the Caspian Sea. She finds a swan wounded by hunters in reed beds and brings it home.

 Roja’s mother helps her to dress the swan’s wound. She tells Roja about swans and migrating birds coming to ponds in the north of Iran from Siberia. Roja and her younger brother make the swan a nest next to other birds’ nests.

 Roja’s father is going to take the wounded swan to the market to sell when he faces Roja’s serious resistance.

 One day, on hearing a shot by illegal migrating-birds hunters and in search of them, Roja with Rayka, the teenage boy from next door, leave home. 

 Rayka shows Roja a trap set for migrating birds in the middle of a pond. With Rayka’s help, Roja removes the wall of the trap and frees the trapped birds. The owner of the illegal trap follows Roja and Rayka, but the two escape.

 One day, Roja takes her swan recovered to some extent to the classroom to show her to her classmates and teacher. The bird starts flying in the classroom and flies out of the

 window. Roja hugs her out of the sunflowers and takes her home.

  Winter is over. The noise of the birds getting back to Siberia has filled the village sky. Roja is intending to keep her swan to herself not to be trapped by hunters, so she is still keeping her in the nest.

 One day, she is awakened by the noise of another swan in the yard. It is the swan’s mate. Roja frees the swan and the two fly towards Siberia prairies.

 Key Words: Preserving the Environment, Iran Migrating Birds, Illegal Birds Hunting, Fereidounkenar, the Caspian Sea, Siberia


 Tara and His Seagull

Publisher: Mehrab Ghalam, 2015

Illustrator: Farhad Jamshidi

Genre: Realistic

 Tara, who is an orphaned, dumb and driven-away kid, puts his poverty-stricken hut on fire to show the way to the fishers who have lost their way in the darkness of the stormy sea.

 (Selected by Iranian Students' Knowledge- competence Festival: Danaie-Tavanaie, 2016) 


 Mr. Smokey- Hat's Wife

 Publisher: Mehrab Ghalam, 2015

Illustrator: Amir Maftoon

Genre: Fantasy

  Mr. Smokey-hat runs the fish Chocolate factory while his rival, Mr. Gun-hat, runs the War Toys factory. Both of them are trying to eliminate each other. Finally, during Children's day festival, Mr. Smoky-hat succeeds to neutralize Mr. Gun-hat's frame-up by his wife assistance, and Mr. Gun-hat is forced to…


 The Sons of the Sun 

 Publisher: Beh Nashr, 2011

 Illustrated by Amir Nasaji

 Genre: Realistic

 Teymour is a poor boy who lives by Pozm Bay (near Chabahr city) with his grandfather and his beloved pet, a donkey named “Ramouk”. However, his grandfather gets sick and Teymour is forced to sell Ramouk to cover the costs of his grandfather's treatment.

 On the other hand, he strongly desires to participate in the Race of Carts and Donkeys which is an annual event held by Bureau of Fisheries. Finally, he is obligated to sell Ramouk, but uses it in the race. During the match, Teymour hastens to help someone who has rolled off the cart and consequently, he doesn’t win the match. But the gift that Bureau of Fisheries employees bring him the day after the race causes him great happiness.

 *Winner of "Yousef Malik Sharman" in the Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults Festival, 2013.


  Children of the Moon

 Publisher: Beh Nashr, 2009

 Illustrator: Mahkameh Shabani

 Genre: Fantasy

 Adel is a child suffering from Tetanus and thus, he is kept in a dark covered (isolated) room of a hospital. His uncle gives him a little train as a gift. He and his patient friends get on this train and get close to the moon. A child reaching the moon cannot come back to the earth…


 The Sole and the Sea

 Publisher: Shabaviz, 2006

 Illustrated by Farshid Shafi'ei

 Genre: Realistic

 DorMohamad is a half-breed Tinggi teenager. He lives in Tis town near Chabahar. To get to school, he needs Abedi's bicycle who is a Baloch boy. Due to a struggle with Abedi, he is forced to quit school.

 DorMohamad works in Chabahar port in the evenings. Someday he sees a packed bike falling from a charter boat into the sea. He and his friend, Fallah swim in search of the sunk bike and find it. Now he has issues with his mother, Dor Bibi …

 Teen selected book of Library of Munich, Germany, 2007


   A Lantern in the Wind

 Publisher: Shahed, 2010

 Illustrated by Narges Delavari

 Genre: Realistic

  While Shirzad, Hamoon, and Borzoo are swimming in a river on the hillside of Mt. GodarKhosh (in western Guillan), they notice enemy soldiers in a refuge among the forests (woods). They are going to inform Iranian soldiers of the presence of the enemy and it should be done in a manner that attracts no attention. Finally, the soldiers accomplish their mission despite the dangers three boys face and the enemy soldiers retreat. 



  The Man Who Became Fossilized

Publisher: Kanoon, 2023

Illustrator: Parvaneh Nemati

“The Man Who Became the Fossil" is about the scientific life of Mohsen Tajrobehkar. The real-life of a man who missed higher education due to the difficult conditions ahead, but was able to achieve great discoveries in the field of biological science with his persistent efforts and attention of many scientific centers around the world, including biologists from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, and France which attracted to his discoveries. His most important discovery is proving the phenomenon of fossilization of animal’s meat, in addition to their bone and shell parts in specific conditions. The discovery of three dinosaur cemeteries and fossils of many extinct animals in the deserts of Kerman is one of his efforts.

Mohsen still travels through the deserts and mountains of Kerman in the central parts of Iran with his second-hand motorcycle and his tool bag, looking for new finds. First, he turns a water storage and an old bathroom in Kerman into a museum of his findings and continues his efforts despite the obstacle ahead. His teenage daughter Taraneh often accompanies him in these efforts.

So far, Mohsen Tajrobehkar has discovered more than 160 pieces of rare fossils in Iran and has received several scientific awards. The publication of the book “Fleshy Fossils” by Massey University of New Zealand is a great success for him. “The man who became fossilized” is the description of his efforts. This film won the award of the documentary film festival in Iran and also in America.


  Scarecrow’s Burning Heart

Publisher: Madresey-e Borhan, 2021

Illustrator: Afsaneh Saneyi

 “Scarecrow’s Burning Heart” is the story of a scarecrow that on a winter day gives her hat to a crow whose nest is ruined, she gives the straws of her body to a cold-nipped mouse supposed to give birth to her babies, and gives her cloak to a tramp passing by her.

 Eventually, the scarecrow changes into a wooden cross to warm those children living far from their mothers. The only thing that remains of her is a heart shining in the ashes like a piece of diamond.


 Little Ilia

Publisher: NordienT, Sweden, 2020

Illustrator: Mahkameh Shabani

Translated to Swedish: Robab Moheb

“Little Ilia” is about a cheerful boy who spends his days in the cotton field, if he is not in school, of course. He loves his grandmother so much that he tries to surprise her with unusual gifts every day when he comes home from school.

One day an unknown man comes to visit. He wants to bring grandma to an unknown land. Ilia has to come up with since he does not want his grandma to go away. 


 The Boy Who Was Looking Out of the Window

Publisher: Cafe`60 Media, Sweden, 2020

Illustrator: Azam Torshizi

Translator to Swedish: Katayoon Keshavarzi

 Elika is a girl who moves with her family to a village in north Iran. She meets Rayka, a boy who always sits at home by the window, looking out. Elika keeps asking Rayka to do a lot of fun things out with him, but he refuses to do so every time. Finally, Elika decides to meet Rayka at home, where she sees him in a wheelchair.



Publisher: Shabaviz, 2007

 Illustrator: Farshid Shafiee

Zarbal and Tizpar, two high-flying falcons, encounter a hunter while flying over the forest. Tizpar is wounded by the hunter’s bullet and captured by him.

Zarbal spends the whole winter in loneliness.

One spring day, Zarbal finds Tizpar busy hunting birds for the hunter. Zarbal helps Tizpar to soar so that they can see the sun under their wings like before. The hunter’s bullet tears off Tizpar`s feathers but is unable to stop her from soaring again.


 Migrating Bird

Publisher: Hemingway Publication, Korea, 2006

Illustrator: Setareh Moetazedi

Migrant bird sits on a tree during winter immigration. His eyes fall on a bird which captive in a cage on a tree. That bird sang for migratory bird. The migrant bird, fascinated by the song of the imprisoned, seeks to fulfill his wishes; on the first days of their friendship, he brings her bamboo and forest seeds, and after that builds a nest for her on the tree. Then appreciate to their friendship, he stays next to the imprisoned bird.

Migratory bird and captive bird spend the whole winter bending the cage bars. When the spring arrives, the imprisoned bird is finally released from the cage and joined the migratory bird in the nest on the tree.


 Bird, Girl, and Her Eyes

Publisher(Chinese language): FEI BAO International Culture Co. LTD, Taiwan, 2008

Illustrator: Mitra Abdollahi

Dorna is a blind girl who leaves home to find the bird. In search of the bird, she follows the bird’s voice when she reaches a valley in which the spring birds’ song along with the wonderful color and smell of the fountains.


 Badge of Bravery


Publisher: Shabaviz, 2005

Illustrated by: Mahdi Ahmadi

The story of two tribal adolescents fighting with each other due to the long-term fight between their tribes. One of them causes the two tribes reconcile by saving the other one. A theme with the magic of friendship and sacrifice.


 The Legends of Ancient Iran






Publisher: Peyk-e-Adabyat, 2019

Illustrator: Raheleh Barkhordari & others

The six-volume collection of "Tales from Ancient Iran", with the tales of: “ Jamshid King” , “Arash” and mythic historical characters in “Cyrus, Son of Mandana”, “Daryosh and Bardya”, and “Bastoor” are associated with the rewriting of narratives that has faithfully rewrittened from ancient texts.


Tales of Jungle Law 








Publisher: Peydayesh, 2019

Illustrated: Amir Maftoon

Eight-volume collection of “Tales of Jungle Law”, and the ten-volume collection of "The World Cup in Jungle" is about the challenges of achieving citizenship rights in the form of humor in confrontation between forest animals and human-like behaviors in a society.

 The both collections reminded the readership of the importance of struggling for the nature sustainability and gaining human rights.


   For the Sake of Friendship

Publisher: Mehrab Ghalam, 2018

 Illustrator: Niloofar Boroumand

 In “For the Sake of Friendship” we face a baby squirrel who is looking for the meaning of friendship. A baby hedgehog accepts her friendship. On the path of enjoying their friendship, every time,  they come to gifts by nature. The gifts baby squirrel has been trying to keep them for himself since he first found them. The baby hedgehog accepts the baby squirrel’s excuses each time lavishly.

  At the end of the road, the baby hedgehog picks a flower and gives it to the baby squirrel as the gift of their friendship. The gift that teaches the squirrel the meaning of friendship.


  Tales of Grandma










 Publisher: Vijeh Nashr, 2020

 Illustrator: Maral Dehghani & others

In the ten-volume collection of “Tales of Grandma” We face five girls and five boys as heroes who occupy a special place in Iran Oral Literature. Active and energetic characters like: Namaki(cute), Mah Pishooni(Moon-Foreheaded), Nokhodi(Little Pea), Bald Hassan, Kouroglou, and the like.


 Humorous Tales of Old Tehran








Publisher: Neyestan, 2019

 Illustrator: Farhad Jamshidi

 Ten-volume book collection named “Humorous Tales of Old Tehran”. This collection, it has used the formation of a modern society and entering the era of technology in Iran during the past 150 years.

 In the collection children and adolescents get familiar with Tehran and Iran’s old ceremonies and domestic approaches through some funny adventures during the first days of the advent of the automobile, train, balloon, airplane, television, radio, and museum in Iran; also with vaccination, population census, and issuance of birth certificate. Endeavor to reduce the gaps between the past and the present generations of Iran.


 Cut-tailed fox (rewriting the old tale)

Publisher: Shabaviz

Illustrator: Ali Bouzari

The fox goes to the old woman’s milk container and eats the milk. The old woman cuts the fox’s tail. The fox asks the old woman to sew his tail back on, but the old woman wants her milk instead.

 The cut-tail fox goes to the goat to take the milk from her, but she asks him for leaves to eat to give milk. The fox goes to the tree. The tree asks for water.

In the continuation of the story, the fountain, children, the shoemaker, the chicken, and the millet seller each ask him for something. By sweeping the millet shop Fox can achieve the millet and take to chicken and the story goes back. Finally goat gives milk to the fox and the old woman sews the fox’s tail. 




Publisher: Khaneh Adabyat, 2014

Illustrator: Hadiseh Ghorban

Some songs for preschool and new grade-schooler children. This book is in collection with my other books “Songs of Birthday”, “Songs of Sunlight”, “Songs of Moonlight”, “Uncle Chain Knitter” (Amou Zanjirbaf), and “Mother, Child and Music”. A collection considered as a reflection of childish games and happiness.


 My Sea

Publisher: shabaviz, 2004

Illustrator: Ali Khodayi

"My Sea" is a collection of poems with the theme of the relationship between children and nature. My other poetic books for children are: “Hey, Hey, It is Spring”, “White Wooden Horse”, “Song of the Rain”, “Song of the Rainbow”, and a poetical book called “Uncle Nowruz”. Poetry with the theme of loving nature, ancient ceremonies, and childish imaginations.


 A Poet at The Zoo

Publisher: Kanoon, 2015

Illustrator: Meysam Arbaboon

“A Poet at the Zoo” is trying to create a kind of new and introverted link with adolescents. An approach having new representations in my later poets. The text of the Anthem for Children Book Council, Iranian delegate of IBBY, is my indicator of the effects of adolescents’ imaginary elements of poetry, as well.



 Let’s Make Cardboard Emoticons

publisher: Kanoon, 2015

Making Samples: Jamal Akrami

This book encourages children to make emoticons for creating a story and play in groups. This activity creates a link between children’s art and drama with literature.

(Making emoticons provides me with a very good situation to have a connection with children and make stories. I had lots of workshops in Iran and a few countries through this book.)


 The Child and The Picture (1)

Publisher: Madreseh Publication


 The Child and The Picture (2)

Publisher: Soroush Publication



Writing, Story

*The Lonely Cuckoo

 Illustrator: Adel Rostampour, Kanoon

Publications, 1993


*Flower of Friendship

 Illustrator: Fariba Sedghi Kanoon

Publications, 1993


*Little Leila’s Birthday

Illustrator: Mohsen Hassanpour Sarmashgh

Publications, 2002


*Little Ali was Lost

 Illustrator: Mohsen Hassanpour Sarmashgh

Publications, 2003


*Girl, Bird, and Her Eyes

  Illustrator: Mitra Abdollahi Shabaviz

Publications, 2005


*Little Fawn, Get Hidden

Illustrator: Alan Bayash

Shabaviz Publications, 2005


*Migrating Bird

Illustrator: Setareh Moetazedi

Shabaviz Publications, 2006


*Gold-Wing Falcon

Illustrator: Farshid Shafiee 

Shabaviz Publications, 2006


*Badge of Bravery

Illustrator: Mehdi Ahmadi Shabaviz

Publications, 2006


*The Tailless Fox

Illustrator: Ali Bouzari

Shabaviz Publications, 2007


*The Last Scarecrow’s Song

Illustrator: Reza Maktabi

Amir Kabir Publications, 2007


*A Letter to Father

 Illustrator: Jamaleddin Akrami

 Shahed Publications, 2007


*A Palm Tree for You

Illustrator: Jamaleddin Akrami

Shahed Publications, 2008


*Little Ilia

Illustrator: Mahkameh Shabani

Peyk Adabyat Publications, 2008


*The Smoky-Hat Man’s Lost Wishes

Illustrator: Atefeh Shafiee Rad

Beh Nashr Publications, 2011


*Tiny Nanny and Rotating Pumpkin

Illustrator: Azadeh Saljoughi

Khaneh Adabyat Publications, 2012


*Bold Hassan and Ogre of Fate

Illustrator: Azadeh Saljoughi

Khaneh Adabyat Publications, 2013


* Queen of Reeds

Illustrator: Hassan Amehkan

Khaneh Adabyat Publications, 2015


* Bengal Tiger and Baby-Embracing Kangaroo

Illustrator: Amir Maftoun

Peydayesh Publications, 2018


* Thorny and The Reverent Effigy of Mr. Lion

Illustrator: Amir Maftoun

Peydayesh Publications, 2018


* Mr. Lion and Kooked Turnip

Illustrator: Amir Maftoun

Peydayesh Publications,2018


* Mr. Lion and Cabbage Stew

Illustrator: Amir Maftoun

Peydayesh Publications, 2018


* Long-Tail and Nanny Crow

Illustrator: Amir Maftoun

Peydayesh Publications, 2018


* Mr. Elephant and Aunty Rhino’s Villa

Illustrator: Amir Maftoun

Peydayesh Publications, 2018


* Mr. Bear the Police and the Neighbors

Illustrator: Amir Maftoun

Peydayesh Publication, 2020


* Lady Antler and the Naughty Ejy

Illustrator: Amir Maftoun

Peydayesh Publication, 2020


* Meysa and Her Problems

Illustrator: Majid Ghorbanzadeh

Ketab Neyestan Publication, 2018


* For the Sake of Friendship

Illustrator: Niloufar Boroumand

Mehrab Ghalam Publication, 2018


* World Cup in the Jungle

Group of Illustrators

Ketab Neyestan Publication, 2019


* Daryosh and Bardya

Illustrator: Ali Khodaie

Peyk Adabyat Publication, 2019


* Syrus, Son of Mandana

Illustrator: Ali Khodaiee

Peyk Adabyat Pulbication, 2019


* Arash, The Mountain Braveheart

Illustrator: Farhad Jamshidi

Peyk Adabyat Publications, 2019


* Bastour

Illustrator: Farhad Jamshidi

Peyk Adabyat Publication, 2019


* King Jamshid

Illustrator: Raheleh Barkhordari

Peyk Adabyat Publication, 2019


* Angel of Rain and Devil of Drought

Illustrator: Raheleh Barkhordari

Peyk Adabyat Publication, 2019


* A Day with Grandma

Illustrator: Samaneh Salavati

Shahr Ghalam Publication, 2020


* Namaki and the Beast of the Fort

Illustrator: Maral Dehghani

Vijeh Nashr Publication, 2020


* Daughter of Narenj-Toranj (Orange) and the Mountain Boy

Illustrator: Bahar Akhavan

Vijeh Nashr Publication, 2020


* Targol and Queen of Sparrows

Illustrator: Farzaneh Esmaieeli

Vijeh Nashr Publication, 2020


* Mah Pishouni (Moon-Foreheaded) and the Well-Settled Old Woman

Illustrator: Lida Sharifi Nik

Vijeh Nashr Publication, 2020


* The Black-Eyed and The Snake in Love

Illustrator: Hadis Jazayeri

Vijeh Nashr Publication, 2020


* Kouroglou and Kachal Hamzeh (Bald Hamzeh)

Illustrator: Lida Sharifi Nik

Vijeh Nashr Publication, 2020


* Little Pea and the Shrewd Ruler

Illustrator: Maral Dehghani

Vijeh Nashr Publication, 2020


* Bald Hassan and The Cracked Pot Ogre

Illustrator: Zahra Kabiri

Vijeh Nashr Publication, 2020


* Amir Hamzeh and Nasim Ayar

Illustrator: Sara Miari

Vijeh Nashr Publication, 2020


* King Jamshid and Pneumatic Little Horse

Illustrator: Farhad Jamshidi

Vijeh Nashr Publication, 2020


* The Little Ogre Watches Out

Illustrator: Sara Miary

Mehrab Ghalam Publication, 2021


* The Little Ogre Nags

Illustrator: Sara Miary

Mehrab Ghalam Publications, 2021


* The Little Ogre Encourages

Illustrator: Sara Miary

Mehrab Ghalam Publications, 2019


* Scarecrow’s Burning Heart

Illustrator: Farzaneh Saneii

Madreseh Publication, 2021


* A Jacket for Illia

Illustrator: Pegah Derakhshan Rokni

Kanoon Publications, 2021


* The Child Who Was Looking Out of the Window

Illustrator: Azam Torshizi

Kanoon Publications, 2022


Children Poetry

* Hey, Hey, It’s Spring

Illustrator: Akbar Nikanpour

Children Book Exhibition Publication, 1989


* The Wooden White Horse

Illustrator: Akbar Nikanpour

Children Book Exhibition Publication, 1989


* Song of the Rain

Illustrator: Farzaneh Fasihi

Amir Kabir Publication, 1994


* Song of Flowers

Illustrator: Jamaleddin Akrami

Tahghigh Publication, 2003


* Song of the Rainbow

Illustrator: Jamaleddin Akrami

Tahghigh Publication, 2003


* My Sea

Illustrator: Ali Khodaiee

Shabaviz Publication, 2004


* Uncle Nowruz (Poetic)

Illustrator: Roya Bijani

Green Window Publication, 2006


* Introductory One-voice Solfege

Mahour Art-Cultural Company Publication, 2008


 * Songs of Birthday

Illustrator: Amir Maftoun

House of Literature Publications, 2011


* Songs of Sunlight

Illustrator: Haleh Darabi

House of Literature Publications, 2011


* Songs of  Moonlight

Illustrator: Haleh Darabi

House of Literature Publications, 2011


* Songs of Lullaby

Illustrator: Hadiseh Ghorban

House of Literature Publications, 2014


* Mother, Child, Music (Collection of Songs)

Illustrator: Nazanin Aygani

Mahour Art-Cultural Company Publication, 2016


* Uncle Zanjirbaf (Chain Knitter) Song-Game

Illustrator: Nazanin Aygani

Pars School of Music Publications, 2018


 Children Novel

* Children of The Moon

Illustrator: Mahkameh Shabani

Beh Nashr Publication, 2008


* Heart to the Sea

Illustrator: Farshid Shafiee

Shabaviz Publications, 2007


* Sons of the sun

Illustrator: Amir Nassaji

Beh Nashr Publications, 2011


* Tara and His Seagull

Illustrator: Farhad Jamshidi

Mehrab Ghalam Publications, 2015


 * Mr. Smoky’s Wife

Illustrator: Amir Maftoun

Mehrab Ghalam Publications, 2015


* Dragon’s Eye

Illustrator: Ali Hashemi Shahraki

Mehrab Ghalam Publications, 2019


* If I knew Swan’s Another Name is Hope

Mehrab Ghalam Publications, 2023


Art and Child

* Instructing Art and Entertainment (1)

Making Samples: Jamaleddin Akrami

Kanoon Publications, 1991


* Instructing Art and Entertainment (2) 

Making Samples: Jamaleddin Akrami

Kanoon Publications, 1992


* Paper Zoo 5

Making Samples: Jamaleddin Akrami

Kanoon Publications, 1994


* Let’s Make Emoticons with Cardboard

Making Samples: Jamaleddin Akrami

Kanoon Publications, 2015


Children and Research

* Ball and Polo (The History of Sports in Iran)

Illustrator: Mohammad Haghani

Kanoon Publications, 2016


Child, Story, Translation

* Laugh Together

Illustrated by the group

Publisher: kanoon Parvaresh (accompanied by Asian Cultural Center of UNESCO), 1995


* Zohra et les dunes bleues, Javier Sobrino

Illustrated by: Alfonso Ruano

 Mobtakeran publication, 2016


* Le Jeune homme et l`etoile, Nadia Gypteau

Illustrated by: Anne Buguet

Mobtakeranpublication, 2016


* Le Prince Tisserand, Nora Aceval

Illustrated by: Laureen Topalian

Mobtakeran Publication, 2016


Children's Novel, Translation

* Samy and the Starman, Anne Cassidy

Illustrated by: Tony Ross

Mehrabghalam Publication, 2016


* Mr. Majeika on the Internet, Humphrey Carpenter

Illustrated by: Frank Rodgers

Mehrabghalam Publication, 2018


* Mr. Majeika joins the Circus, Humphrey Carpenter

Illustrated by: Frank Rodgers

Mehrabghalam publication, 2018


* Mr. Majeika disappears, Humphrey Carpenter

Illustrated by: Frank Rodgers

Mehrabghalam by, 2018


* Black Queen, Micheal Morpurgo

Illustrated by: Tony Ross

Mehrabghalam Publication, 2019


Child, Art, Translation

* Art Lab for Little Kids, Susan Schwake

Vijeh Nashr Publication, 2016


* 3D Art Lab for Kids, Susan Schwake

Vijeh Nashr Publication, 2020



 Story, Writing

* A Bird in Chest (from a collection titled: We, too, Once Upon a Time)

Cheshmeh Publications, 2011


* Moon in Kaylanamo  (From collection titled: And This was My Composition)

Ala Publications, Neveshteh Publication, 2015


* Humor (From Expedient Humor)

Madreseh Borhan Publications, 2018


 The Humorous Stories from Old Tehran: 

 Illustrator: Farhad Jamshidi

 Ketab Neyestan Publications, 2019

* Royal WeddingGrand Celebration

* A Spy in the Balloon 

* The Statue of the Royal Highness

* In Search of Bread

* An ID Card for the Donkey

* The Magic of Chocolate and The Runaway Boy

* The Gypsy Boy

* Museum Thieves

* The Bride’s Car

* Autol Khan and Cotton Hero

* Royally Wedding, Royally Ceremony


 Short Story

* Dorna in the Wind (From “Story of the Third Babajani” Collection) Gouya Publications, 2022


Adolescent Novel

* Patchwork

Peydayesh Publications, 2008


* Return of Professor Hawthorn

Kanoon Publications, 2014


* Stranger and the Sea

Kanoon Publications, 2015


* Anahid, Queen of Shadows

Mehrab Ghalam Publications, 2015


* GoodNight Torna

Kanoon Publications, 2016


* The Red Island Lost

Vijeh Nashr Publications, 2022


* Me, Her and The Sunflowers

Mehrab Ghalam Publications, 2023


* Me and The Dragon of Silk Fort

Kanoon Publications, 2023


Adolescent Poetry

* A Poet at the Zoo

Illustrator: Meysam Arbaboon

Kanoon Publications, 2015



* Child and picture 1

History of illustrating children’s books in Iran

Madreseh Borhan Publications, 2004


* Child and Picture 2

Series of research about illustrating children’s books

Soroush Publications, 2010


* Illustration in Religious Literature of Children and Adolescents of Iran

Elmi-Farhangi Publications, 2018


Adolescent Novel, Translation

* Ethan Between us, Anna Mayers,

Ghatreh Publication, 2009


* The Fault in our Stars, John Green,

Mehrabghalam Publication, 2021


Books Listed in White Raven and Munich Library

* Heart to the Sea (Adolescent Novel), 2004


* Ball and Polo (The history of sports in Iran-for children) 2017


* Goodnight Torna (Adolescent Novel), 2018


Books Translated to Other Languages

* Migrating Bird

Korea Hemingway Publication, 2006


* Bird, Girl, and Her Eyes

Konna Co., Korea, 2006


* Bird, Girl, and Her Eyes

Taiwan (Chinese Language), FEI BaO International Culture Co. LTD, 2008


* The Golden–Wing Falkon

Kunna Co., Korea, 2009


* The Tailless Fox (La Vieielle Plus rusee` que le Renard)

Lirabelle Publication, 2009


* Patchwork (Kirkyama - Chehel tekke`h)

Demavend Publication, Turkey, 2017


* Little Ilia (Lille Ilia)

Nordient Publication, Sweden, 2020


* The Child Who Was Looking out of the Window (Pojken Som Titt ade ut)

Cafe` 60 Media Publication, Sweden, 2020


Selected Books by National Festivals

* Patchwork

Selected by CBC: Children Book Council (Hand-Written Section), 1988


* A Palm Tree for You

Selected by Children of War Festival, 2008


* Children of the Moon

Admired by Book of the Year, Publisher Association, 2010


* Return of Professor Hawthorn

Nominee of Ershad Book of the Year, 2010


* Sons of the Sun

Winner of Kanoon Book of the Year, 2011


* Child and picture 2

Nominee of Ershad Book of the Year, 2011


* Sons of the Sun

Selected at Kanoon Festival, 2011


* Stranger and the Sea: Selected at Shahid Ghanipour Festival, Nominee of Ershad Book of the Year, Selected by Blue Bird Festival, Badge No 5 from Flying Turtle Festival, 2015


* Anahid, Queen of Shadows: Badge of No 5, Flying Turtle, Nominee of Silver Turtle, 2015


* Good night, Torna

Selected by Blue Bird Festival (Hand-Written Section), Nominee of Ershad Book of the Year, Shahid Ghanipour Festival, Roshd Festival, 2013


* Ball and Polo

Selected by Iranian students, Knowledge-Competence Festival (Danaie-Tavanaie), 2016


* Child and picture 1

Winner of Roshd Festival, Nominee of Ershad Book of the Year, 2018


* Illustrating for Children and Adolescents’ Religious Literature

Winner of Ershad Book of the Year, 2019




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