Children and the Picture, Vol. 1

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Literature and Illustration in Ancient Iran

            Part 1. Visual narrative in ancient Iran           11

            Part 2.  Literature in Ancient Era 17

Chapter 2: Literature and Illustration in the Middle Ages

            Part 1. Fiction             23

            Part 2. Informative picture books (non-fiction)          35

Chapter 3: Bibliography During the Qajar

            Part 1. From bibliography to lithography       49

            Part 2. New processes in illustration in Constitutional Period 55

            Part 3. Illustration of non-fiction books         59

            Part 4. Illustration of textbooks          63

Chapter 4: Literature and Illustration During 1921-1961

            Part 1. The foundation of modern education              81

            Part 2. The formation of children's literature              89

            Part 3. Collecting folk legends and rewriting the ancient Persian stories 103

            Part 4. Painting and its transformation           113

Chapter 5: Children's Book and Its Illustration During 1961-1971

            Part 1. Fiction (Poems and stories)

            Part 2. Non-fiction

Chapter 6: Children's Book and Illustration During 1971-1981

            Part 1.

            Part 2.

            Part 3.

Chapter 7: Children's Book and Illustration During 1981-2011

Chapter 8: Studies in Illustration of Textbooks

Chapter 9: Illustration Festivals in Iran and the World

Chapter 10: Literature and Illustration in Non-fiction Books

Glossary          391

Index of painters and illustrators        405



 Children and the Picture, Vol. 2

Table of Contents


Part 1: Picture Structures

            Chapter 1. From painting to Illustration

            Chapter 2. Visual elements in Illustration

            Chapter 3. Various methods and techniques in illustration

            Chapter 4. Artistic styles in illustration

Part 2: From Text to Image

            Chapter 5. Narrative structures of image

            Chapter 6. Picture books, Visual books

Part 3: Native Elements in Illustration

Part 4: Meet Illustrators of the World



Illustration in Children's Religious Literature

Table of Contents


Part 1: Religion and Images in Literature of Ancient Iran

Part 2: Bibliography in After Islam Era

            Chapter 1. Painting features in various schools

            Chapter 2. Image features in painting

            Chapter 3. Some expressions in painting

            Chapter 4. Religious theme in painting

Part 3: Illustration of Religious Literature during the Qajar

Part 4: Illustration of Religious Literature in Modern Times

            Chapter 1. Illustration of religious literature from 1921-1978

            Chapter 2. Illustration of religious literature after the Islamic Revolution of Iran

Part 5: A Variety of Imaging Techniques in Religious Books

Part 6: Leading Illustrators of Religious Literature in Children's Books (Ali Akbar Sadeghi, Bahram Khalef, Sadegh Sandoughi)

Part 7: Meet Some Festival Efforts (in the field of religious literature illustration)


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